Tips for Surviving a Renovation

Surviving a Renovation

Studio J Architecture specializes in renovations and we ‘ve amassed some advice throughout the years to help your remodel run as smooth as possible.

Are you eager to get started on transforming your space into the perfect dream home? How you do you keep your new design from becoming your new disaster? Maybe it’s a gut renovation; maybe it’s a small remodel or just a kitchen remodel. Regardless, your life is going to be disrupted in one way or another during the project.

The best and easiest way to survive a renovation is to move out, especially if your kitchen and/or bathroom will be out of commission. That might not be possible or practical (unless the perfect housesitting gig comes along or you are able to live with friends or family) but moving out means you won’t have to deal with dust, fumes, noise or general chaos.

So, what do you do to make the process bearable while you’re living through a renovation? Check out these tips.

1) Hire Studio J Architecture. Using a contractor without an architect will likely cost more in the long run. With plans from Studio J Architecture your contractor can more accurately understand the scope of work, cost and length of time needed for your renovation meaning fewer surprises for you.

2) Plan, plan and then plan some more. Do it sooner rather than later. Fixtures, tiles cabinets and lighting items may need to be ordered and can take more time than expected. Material delays can hold up the remodel process.

3) Details. When Studio J Architecture completes a builder set of drawings the details that can make or break a project are clearly drawn. Lighting locations, cabinet details, stair and railing details, doors and fixtures are what makes a project move from great to amazing. Specify as much as possible and you’ll be able to communicate your expectations to your builder and have an easier time finding resolution during the renovation. Ask Studio J Architecture for an Interior Designer referral. Studio J Architecture collaborates with some of the best Interior Designers in San Francisco.

4) Be honest with your budget. Studio J Architecture needs to know your actual all in budget so we can design appropriately. Leave room for must haves that come up during material research. All those “little costs” are going to add up. Be safe and have a contingency fund for those extra costs.

5) Don’t believe the hype when it comes to those home improvement shows. While it may be psychologically purging to do some DIY-ing and take a sledgehammer to an unneeded wall, a renovation is best left to a professional. You might think you’re helping, but your time is usually best spent doing what you do best and letting builders do what they do best.

6) Like everything else in life your attitude is everything. Pick the professionals you know, like and trust, have realistic time expectations for both your Architect and builder and roll with the punches. There are always minor disasters during a big remodel but Studio J Architecture will help you avoid the pot holes along the way.