Architect's Gift Guide

12 Days of Architect's Gift Giving Guide

If you’re looking for a gift for an architect or designer, or even someone who just loves good design, Studio J Architecture has some gifting ideas for you.

12) It’s hard to get things perfect on the very first try. This crumpled blueprint paperweight will remind you that good is not good enough. Get it here.

11) Maybe you can’t afford to give someone a Frank Lloyd Wright house, but you can afford to gift a stylish FLR-inspired watch. It’s more personal and functional than a faux stained glass window panel.

10) Anyone needs another notebook, for sketching, jotting down lists…let’s remember, your smartphone can’t do everything. Extra archi-points for the glasses, because seriously, almost all architects wear glasses.

9) The LEGO architect

For budding, wannabe or real architects anywhere, this book is definitely as interesting as any T-square. And it always comes in under-budget.

8) Brutalism London

What’s not to love about Brutalism? If building the real thing seems too permanent, try this collection of illustrated paper cutout models representing brutalist architecture of London from 1960s-1970s.

7) How about a miniature

designer chair? This Eero Aarino chair is available in several colors, and is a perfect 1:12 model of the real thing, at 1/20th the price.

6) Landmark Model Kits

You can build a model kit of almost any landmark out there including your very own Golden Gate Bridge with this detailed paper true-to-life life model kit. San Francisco architects will really appreciate this one. (Traffic and fog not included).

5) A 3-D printer

Someday, everyone will have one. But for now a 3-D printer makes a really awesome gift to print out one-offs of whatever unimaginable designs your giftee can come up with. (Maybe you’ll get to use it too.)

4) OK, maybe coffee mugs aren’t the best gifts around, but for about fifteen bucks this one would make an excellent secret Santa gift. And really, it’s kind of cute.

3) Honest Desk Signs

You might as well tell it like it is if you’re going to have a little sign on your desk. One of these would be perfect for the perfectionist on your list.

2) Latitude/longitude cufflinks

Wherever you go your favorite location will follow. Customizable cufflinks will pinpoint your favorite destination—home, work or the latest renovation.

1) Construction Worker Ornament

Give some love to the construction workers out there and hang this ornament on your tree or rear view mirror. Maybe even give one to the guy in the construction hat.

Happy Holidays from Studio J Architecture and may your 2017 be filled with great design.

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