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Eight Architectural Gems to Make Your Holidays Shine

Do you have big plans for the holidays? Sometimes they get a little ho-hum at home. There's dinner at Grandma's, overpriced champagne for the New Year and ugly holiday sweaters.

Studio J Architecture has a solution for you. Instead of over the river and through the woods you could be staying at some of coolest architecture rentals in the world. From quaint cabins to sleek beach houses you can spend your vacation in a space designed by some of the who's who of

architecture. Or choose a rental that offers a completely unique twist to design and accommodations. Your stay will be much more memorable than the same old routine.

1) Casa Modesto

Alex Michaelis is an award-winning architect whose very own vacation home

sits empty most of the year. He doesn't have time to get away and enjoy it himself because well like most architects, he’s a workaholic. Lucky for you, because you can rent this casa in Cornwall, UK. Sleek, white and perfectly

integrated into the slopes of the Cornish cliffs at Praa Sands.

2) The Big Green Bus

A double-decker bus turned rental? Sounds good. Much like a tiny house every inch of space is used efficiently and the interior has a mod eclectic feel.

3) Ice Hotel

From Romania to Sweden, there are many of these beauties now, and the Northern lights aren't the only thing that draws oohs and ahhs from the visitors. While these hotels might not be designed by someone famous they are are a must see for any design/architecture geek. The hotels themselves are lit with cool blue lights and usually house a bar, restaurant and some sort of concierge service. You'll get to sleep in your own icehouse. Your bed is a block of ice, covered by lambskin and you're snuggled into a cocoon-like sleeping bag.


4) If you're not afraid of the cold in December another choice would be Peterson Cottage in Wisconsin is a beautiful place to stay. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright it's one of few properties designed by Wright that anyone can spend the night in. Well anyone who has the money.


5) Not to be confused with the house from the sitcom “All in the Family", the award-winning David E. Sellers architect designed the 'Archie Bunker" as a cozy but open little hideaway and it can be the place you relax this holiday season. A far cry from a squat little row house in Queens.


6) Southern California is the place to be when there's snow on the ground across half the country. The mid-century modern post-and-beam house is designed by Val Powelson. He also designed the nearby Maranz House and the Sunbow House with its distinctive roof.



7) The Twin Palms Estate was designed by E. Stewart Williams in 1947, commissioned by Rat Packer Frank Sinatra. Almost 70 years later it's still an extraordinary piece of architecture that harkens back to old Hollywood. You and a few friends can stay in Palm Springs for a few days

and feel ever-so-swanky.


8) Peter Gwynne is probably known best for "The Homewood” and he designed several modern houses including this one that can be your home away from home.. He was known for his interior designs that perfectly matched the exterior look of his houses and this Seaside House is no.exception.

So if your own digs just aren’t festive no matter how many twinkly lights you've hung try something out of the ordinary. And if you can't get a reservation this year plan ahead for 2017.

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