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Residential architecture. Built around a tree?

Biotecture, biomimicry & organic architecture. These are terms that are becoming more common as people are concerned about how we as a species affect nature and our planet. Sustainable is not just a trend; green is not just a fad. Happily, this has all become mainstream. Virtually everyone is aware of conservation and protecting the planet. The way that our housing and structures interact with nature is a big part of how humans change our environment. Is it possible to live in a space that doesn’t destroy or harm the area that it inhabits? And to make that space fun, stylish and stimulating?

The thinking among many architects has evolved so that quite often an integral part of design is green no matter how small the green component might be. Embracing smaller carbon footprints andhousing that’s built to merge with the natural setting. A symbiotic relationship between the two—these are ideas that resonate with homeowners and architects. It’s not a new concept, of course—there were visionary architects and urban planners decades ago who saw the importance of these ideas, but it’s one supported by more and more people now. Biotecture is often a unique blend of primitive and ultra-modern. Sometimes these designs are based on concepts like sacred geometry and natural shapes and objects; sometimes they work with nature as an integral part of the design.

Green and sustainable doesn’t mean that you have to scale back and live in a cabin with an iffy solar powered generator and an outhouse. If that’s your style--nothing is wrong with that. But, there are plenty of sophisticated and stylish ways of lessening your carbon footprint, living green and doing as least possible harm to Mother Earth. Contemporary, attractive and yes a bit utilitarian—but in the best possible way. One way would be to live in an upscale modern and sophisticated tree house. One architect firm is convinced that this is the way we’ll all live in the future, and it’s quite possible.

Check out this beauty.

The renderings shown are effectively living in a glass house but privacy curtains are part of the tree house. Initially at least, the thought is to keep the prototypes deep within the forest—no prying eyes, just an incredible 360 degree view of lush natural scenery.

It has a tiny footprint of 35 meters. It’s 4 stories high. It’s made of glass and solar panels. And it’s built around a tree. It is a little self-supporting biosphere. It heats itself. And it waters itself. It powers itself. It’s almost magical.

If you’d like to see this awesome eco-tree house come to fruition, Here’s the Indiegogo page.

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