Is Bigger Always Better?

The tide has turned, and lots of people are foregoing the “bigger is better” house with 7 bathrooms and a 900 sq. foot laundry room. The tiny house movement is a big deal.

Whether it’s a desire to reduce your carbon footprint, escaping the burden of a 30-year mortgage or just a way to simplify, more people are going small. As tiny as 200 or 300 sq. feet, these houses are designed for efficiency and optimal use of space—often using ingenious and creative design solutions.

Some tiny houses are on wheels so it’s easy to take a permanent vacation. Living small affords people the ability to work less and enjoy life more. You’re traveling in the comfort of your own home. It's the best of both worlds. No more wondering what's lurking on the hotel bedspread when you take a trip.

From loft beds to livable decks spaces to multi-functional furniture, you can tailor your space to your priorities. “Smart design” is key. Just because it’s a small space doesn’t mean you have to give up the best of residential architecture. In fact, limitations of space often inspire the most innovative design concepts and materials. Yurts, cob houses, tree houses, floating houses—there are lots of small house types to choose from.

There are numerous prefab small house manufacturers popping up, and customizing a house can be as simple as choosing just how small you really want to go. An important distinction between “want” vs. “need” will become apparent. Scaling down means focusing on what’s really important. Do you really need to take your extensive snow-globe collection with you? There are always storage units if you’re not ready to part with it.

Stylish and enviresponsible are not mutually exclusive! If you’re starting out in your first home, or downsizing after decades of decadent living. A small house is an option for many different kinds of homeowners. Of course they’re not for everyone, but small may be the wave of the future. When urban sprawl becomes more prevalent, and in some areas the only direction to build is up, an eco-friendly small house is more appealing—especially if the house is ready to get up and go.

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