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Trump. If a little is good, TOO MUCH must be better!

What’s big and gilded and reminds you of Louis XVI? If you guessed a Donald Trump building then you are correct.

Donald Trump has been in the real estate biz since 1971 when he took over the family business and renamed it The Trump Foundation.

His father, Fred had made a bundle buying and selling squat single-family homes in the decidedly un-hip middle-class neighborhoods of Flushing and Flatbush.

But Donald had his sights set on Manhattan.

The younger Trump bought luxury high-rise hotels and condos in tiny neighborhoods in the city, making a name for himself. This was not your father’s commercial architecture.

Trump had a vision for buildings: tall, gold and bold. If it was gold and mirrored, it was Trump. And if it was Trump, the Trump name was emblazoned on the building. Trump Tower is kind of like a wall on 5th Ave, with a big beautiful door.

Las Vegas is no stranger to big, golden, phallic buildings and Trump made his mark there, too.

His hotels, condos, golf courses and casinos are opulent and over-the-top. Can you imagine what Trump’s architect’s house looks like? His signature building, Trump Tower, is gold and pink and Trump all over.

His The famous Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City had over 3,000 slot machines (until the casino went bankrupt.)

He owns resorts in cities all over the US, plus Scotland, Rio, Bali, Canada—decorated by some of the most famous commercial retail designers. And each resort has deluxe 5-star amenities. Pillow menu, anyone?

Eye candy? You want eye candy? Get a load of some of DJT’s lavish properties, including his home‑‑the piece de resistance, the crown family jewels, the big enchilada. His penthouse in Trump Tower! Cheers to the 1%.

There's lots to see In his own residences in New York City and Mar a Lago in Florida you can almost imagine Louis the 14th eating bonbons and lounging on one of the settees.

Trump is a man who never met a crushed velvet waterfall valance, 14 million dollar chandelier or mirrored tower that he didn’t like. As Trump famously said, “To me, I love real estate because you can feel it.”

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