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A Tall Order

The Shard/London Bridge

London/ 2012

Is bigger always better? Is the tallest by design the center of attention? Have a look at these amazing mages comprised of some sky-high works of art. These examples of tall architecture are standouts. Whether or not you have vertigo some of the buildings will leave you breathless.

White Walls

Nicosia /Cyprus / 2015

As a point of necessity many urban spaces need to go up if they're going to grow. The footprint is going to stay the same, so more square feet means more altitude. And that often means an eye-catchingly statuesque structure that draws the eye up—and induces oohs and ahhs, too.

Guanghzou International Finance Center


Innovation abounds in these tall buildings; each of these has a unique take on vertical space. Modern. Sleek. Boxy. Cylindrical. There are many interpretations of the skyscraper. And come to think of it, skyscraper sounds a bit dated, and possibly not exactly a suitable term for

these eye-catching marvels. These buildings are mammoth. Their immense height is what makes them special; not that they aren't distinctive based only on their overall designs.

One World Trade Center New York/ United States /2014

Some of these are in locations where they compete against existing buildings that are iconic—and tall. But these new kids on the block might reshape the skylines of the cities where they rise.

Bosco Verticale


A long as there have been multiple story structures, there has seemingly always been a competition for the world's tallest building. In 1930, it was the Chrysler Building in New York City, The next year, the Empire State building was complete, standing about 200 feet taller than the Chrysler. The US held the title of world's tallest building until 1998, when the Petronas Towers were built in Kuala, Lumpur.

Tour D2

Parigi/France/ 2015

Of course the distinction of "tallest" has had several interpretations. Do towers count? Do floors that are not viable for occupation count? Whatever, the criteria, these building are outstanding, whether or not they can say they are the tallest. They're certainly some of the most striking.

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