The Annual Yes Foundation Gala

A vital addition to the Ross Valley School District, the Yes Foundation's mission is to

improve children's learning opportunities. The foundation offers the chance for kids

to experience an educational environment that promotes engaged learning and

provides many different ways to develop skills for self-expression.

For the last five years, Studio J Architecture has been a sponsor of the Yes

Foundation. Public schools are underfunded, budgets are stretched tight, and

unfortunately arts programs are usually the first to be cut. But with support

from the Yes Foundation donations, they fund programs that let students express their unique

sensibilities and feelings, expanding a child's perception of education. A wide

variety of programs for the arts, music, visual arts, movement and theater are financed by the Yes Foundation.

The Yes Foundation sees the importance of education that fosters creativity,

cultivates curiosity and offers an outlet for kids that goes beyond the 'Three R's.

The Gala for the Yes Foundation is an annual affair that is the premiere

fundraising event for the foundation. Fundraising is done year 'round but the gala is

perhaps the most important (and festive!) event for the program. Just as in previous years,

the 2016 gala was a huge success. The whole team at Studio J Architecture attended

the soiree. Improving education is something that's near and dear to our hearts at Studio J Architecture.

"We're proud to sponsor this important foundation. It really makes a difference in kids' lives in a way that we feel is vital to the development of young minds." said Jay Sherlock, Principal Architect.

The Yes Foundation has grown since its inception about 15 years ago, and now raises almost one million dollars annually. Its mission is to secure the necessary dollars and advocate for programs that provide all children access to a complete education.

The Yes to Kids Foundation believes that communities are responsible to their

children for the quality of their education and meaningful and sustained exposure to the arts and other vibrant educational programs.

A curious and analytical mind is inherently important to the wonderfully inquisitive brainpower of a child. Studio J Architecture believes in supporting meaningful high-quality instruction for arts, STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Math), special interest clubs, after-school sports and dance—all funded by the Yes to Kida Foundation.

Theater, art and STEAM, for example, provide unique opportunities

and environments for collaborative, creative problem solving and team building.

The programs foster confidence and self-esteem and provide a breadth of

experience that reveal and nurture each child's unique talents.

Studio J Architecture will be helping to support The Yes Foundation for years to come. Click here for more information.

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