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Trends and Tips for Bathroom Design

If you have been considering giving your bathroom a makeover here are some tips and trends you should know before you start your bathroom remodel. A great place to start is looking for inspiration in magazines, Pinterest and to help determining what you like and which path to take.

Home designers are constantly looking for better and brighter ideas for the interior design of your space to give your house a touch of home. The following are some of the biggest changes that 2015 has seen when it comes to residential designs for the interior of your bathroom and some of the best home architects and designers have come together to give their insights on what should be done with bathroom remodels.

The Brand New Element of Floor Tiles

Big patterns in tile has made a comeback. On floors, showers, on walls and backsplash we see large, bold tile patterns being used more and more. The striking look can help in creating a stunning bathroom design even within a small space, and they add a huge amount of character to the bathroom.. Bathrooms that do not possess a feature wall are hard to tackle, which makes this new idea of using tiles as the focus even more brilliant. When this element is introduced into larger spaces it can create a highly elegant look for your bathroom. Be careful- less is usually more. We suggest to keep it simple because trends are just that, trends. Tile is expensive and you don’t want to get board of the tile design or date your bathroom. If you are set for big tile patterns we suggest using neutral colors.

Better Water Control

The basic showers and faucets that we traditionally use are nearing extinction and newer user-friendly and smart water control devices are being introduced to help with more efficient use of water. Such fixtures will give you more control over mix, flow and the temperature of the water and are now being widely used to even showers operated through smart screens have now been introduced into the market. While we understand we can’t all live like Tony Stark, with the current pace of development, it was bound to start sooner than later and technology has now penetrated interior design significantly, benefiting home designers , home architects, and homeowners and residents alike.

Introducing a Touch of Nature and Natural Light

Allow as much natural light as possible without sacrificing privacy. Natural light makes the space feel larger, cleaner and open. Add a large window facing a private space in a rear yard or add high windows that allow light to flow but are too high for people to see into the bathroom. Adding natural light also helps plants to grow. More and more residential architects and residential designers are incorporating the presence of plant life into their designs. Plants were somewhat being shunned from home designs lately, but they are making a swift comeback as designers use cascading creepers to dress you bathroom up with a natural element involved. Potted plants are still used, but newer ways are being preferred with ideas like small vertical gardens to add a bit of green.

Above all, strive for a clean, open and relaxing environment inside the bathroom. You need to have an escape every now and then and a beautiful home with great interiors can easily make your home a retreat.

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