Using Natural Light in Architecture Design

How to Design to Capture Natural Light

Daylight is filled with a cheery, warm and welcoming feeling that artificial light can’t ever compete with. The wavelengths of colors that sunlight is comprised of help you see better and sunlight can even offer subtle changes in light & shawdows as the sun moves throughout the day.

Just like fire or water, sunlight is a basic element that our lives depend upon and the most fundamental component of green architectural designs. Buildings and homes that are focused on capturing the maximum amount of sunlight indoors create a healthier lifestyle and also has good effects on your emotional health. Using natural sunlight also eliminates the need of using electrical lighting and heating during the day. Using the sun in architectural design can end up saving you money. The energy consumption of your home remains low, emotional health increases and you become more connected to your environment when you let in a little bit of sunshine.


Studio J Architecture knows when you are renovating or redesigning you have to keep the orientation of your home in mind. Always assess the positioning of windows accordingly with the way sunlight moves during the day and remember that south facing windows always provide a steady supply of natural light. Rooms typically used in the morning such as kitchens and breakfast nooks typically work best being heated up with southern exposer.

North facing windows can allow soft and indirect light to access the buildings, but they are mostly heavily influenced by colder weather. West and East facing windows can cause glare and only allow light in for a few hours during the day. At Studio J Architecture we also consider the view. You don’t want the view of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge only available from the closet.


Orienting a property is vital and so is balancing the light inside your home. The designers at Studio J Architecture try to create access to natural light into each room but also create privacy where needed. Light from a clear story or a window placed high on a wall has the capacity of reaching deeper into spaces and this can help you design better interiors for homes, offices and other commercial areas. Open, private, bright lighting, dimmed lighting, heating, cooling, views…. So much to consider in architectural design.

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