Limitless Options with Staircases

Staircases can be incredibly beautiful and always a fun element to design for Studio J Architecture. The staircase has always been a highly functional element in the internal circulation of a building that is laden with cultural and psychological symbolism. Can we ever think of Gone with the Wind and not envision the staircase?

Staircases also have a sculptural and social aspect. Conversations tend to happen on staircases. I have always had a vision of my daughter walking down a staircase in her prom dress and family pictures on holidays often use the staircase as a stage. Staircases have long fascinated artists, architects and film directors. Sigmund Freud claims dreams of stairs or the climbing of stairs can be interpret as sexual thoughts. (Alright??) We have staircases heightening glamour from Meggie in the Thorn Birds (Anyone remember this?) to magical experiences in Harry Potter. Staircases can add value to spaces, aesthetic appeal or become the main focus- options are limitless.

At Studio J Architecture we strive to create unique stairs for each client and their space. Stairs can help bring in light, conceal a bathroom entrance, be used for storage or be designed to include a small office area. Staircases can divide a room or make the space feel open. Staircases can help make an area feel spacious or be designed to make a small space more functional. Small spaces can be a design challenge in many San Francisco homes so don't waste staircase real estate when you can use that square footage for a bathroom, closet, pantry....we even designed a cat littler exit under a set of stairs.

Choosing the material can help define the style and or focus of the entire house. Wood, concrete even glass (not recommended with small children.) Don't underestimate the power of beautifully designed stairs. Give Studio J Architecture a call to find out more.