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The Ultimate Toilet

“No innovation in the past 200 years has done more to save lives and improve health than the sanitation revolution triggered by the invention of the toilet. ” – Sylvia Mathews Burwell.

Most of us in developed countries take the toilet for granted. No other invention has saved more lives. Immunizations come in second. Believe me when I say you did not want to live in London during the early 19th century for many reasons but mainly because the streets were an open trenched sewer; really. The invention of the toilet and our complex underground sewage system infrastructure keeps us safe from disease and filth.

Its 2015 and we are now ready to take this life saving master piece to the next level. The Numi level. Designers have taken the basic necessity of a toilet and molded it into a whole new invention that makes using the toilet an experience, I dare to say, a luxurious experience.

Meet Numi, the ultimate toilet. This little treasure does it all.

  • Motion activated cover and seat: Look Mom, no hands.

  • Advanced bidet functionality: Retractable wand that can be set at various oscillating spray patterns, water pressure, duration and temperatures. (You got me at oscillating.)

  • Integrated air dryer that blows warm air to dry your tush

  • Deodorizer

  • Heated seat

  • Foot warmer that blows warm air at floor level

  • Illuminated panels that have 7 colors and you can cycle through them, set them to specific days of the week or just have one color choice.

  • Music: You can choose your favorite music, radio stations or podcast. You can stream wirelessly, plug in an auxiliary cable or connect to a SD card with stored music.

  • Self cleaning: Ovens have been self cleaning for years, why not a toilet?

All of this for a bargain list price of $5,978.00. In our previous blog about the permit process we mentioned that construction cost varies according to fixtures and appliances. Adding a $6,000 toilet to a few bathrooms is a great example of how upgrades can add up.

A little pricy you might say but remember.. oscillating. The hiding spots for moms all over the world just got an upgrade that nobody can argue against.

In our fast paced world this is just the beginning in toilet design. What is next, an iPhone app for your bidet? The next toilet design upgrade might just serve martinis. Please tell us what you think. Is the Numi on your wish list?

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