Living Large in Small Spaces

Hello all! So this is our first week back after a much needed 2 weeks off and we are rested and ready to design. You have to love a job that allows you to close for the holidays!

During the time off I was able to spend time with relatives who have beautiful and big homes. Some may even say huge when compared to our bay area homes. Architecturally I really enjoy the spaces. Walk in closets, storage rooms and rooms with well spaced couches, vaulted ceilings, wonderful finished basements; totally unlike what I am accustomed to living in and designing. Jay commented on how nice it would be to design in unlimited space, to have the possibility of not worrying about space limitations as we do on every project. That got me thinking, “How would it be to start designing in extremely limited space?” Half a notebook later I realize I am a bit obsessed with creating the perfect floor plan for a tiny house. What is the minimum space that can be livable? For a family of four, how small could you go? When does coziness become too claustrophobic? Most importantly what tricks are out there to maximize the use of hidden nooks and crannies we usually pay no attention to in our larger spaces?

So here are some do’s for making a limited space seem large:

· Keep your window to wall ratio high. Natural light is your new best friend.

· Create outdoor living spaces which will increase your square footage without increasing your cost and as an added benefit you get lots of fresh air!

· Create more multi-purpose rooms and have fewer walls in your house.

· Add lofts!

· Get creative with mirrors. I’m sure all women know this trick.

· Keep your lines simple and your home clutter free.

· Use any spare space you can. Under the stairs seem to be a go to.

· Have sliding walls instead of doors.